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Callback is a executable code that is passed as an argument to another function or code and execute after some time or certain condition. So thats why we can also say call after function to callback function. Execution…

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Learn canvas api in 20 minutes

canvas in 20 minute

Canvas is a html5 api which deal with drawing graphic with javascript. We can use this api for draw graph, photo editing and animation. So in this tutorial we will cover how to deal with 2D graphics. Prerequisite…

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Learn jQuery in 20 Minutes


Jquery is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library. Basically it’s used for client side and the purpose of Jquery make JavaScript much easier. Features HTML/DOM manipulation CSS manipulation HTML event methods Effects and animations AJAX Utilities Prerequisite Text Editor…

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Local storage techniques


Local storage is the part of web storage; it is a elegant technique of storing data. This way is better then cookies and another traditional way; Local storage looks very easy but in practical scenario it is create…

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Hidden power of javascript object

Object is awesome data structure in JavaScript. Why it’s awesome? Just because of it’s store data as key and value pair and every key is unique so we can store unique information inside objects. So one question arises…

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Ninja secret of javascript array

power of array

Primitive variable just store one value. Lot of time it’s vary difficult to manage multiple variable so avoid this problem we need storage to store multiple element inside one variable. So basically array is an ordered series or…

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Power of javascript closure


It is a advance concept of javascript. This is really interesting concept in javascript. So basically it is a function inside function which can access outer function properties. According to MDN “A closure is the combination of a…

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Javascript ninja secrets


It’s all about js cool tips and tricks which help day to day programming and reduce the time of developer. For more tricks you can also read Tips and Tricks. 1. Use == instead of === == only…

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Regular expressions


It is a powerful way of searching and replacing something inside a string. To implement that we can use RegExp class and integrated with strings. In Regular expressions we need pattern and optional flags. So we have 2…

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for-of is a new loop in ES6 that replaces both for-in and forEach() and supports the new iteration protocol. Use it to loop over iterable objects (Arrays, strings, Maps, Sets, etc.; see Chap. “Iterables and iterators”) Syntax for…

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