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If, else, switch are conditional statement. Condition statement change flow of the program according to test cases. So if block contain test expression inside parenthesis. if test expression is evaluated is true then body of if executed and…

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Type detection


Type detection It is a way by which we can identify the type of data. We know that data type can be three type. So if we are working on data sometime we need to identify datatype of…

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Operators in javascript


Operators An Operator is a symbol that used for specific task. That task may be related to math or logical operation. Operators works on operands. Ex- ┬ávar sum = 2 + 3; Here 2, 3 are operands and…

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Variables and data types in javascript


Variables are named memory location that holds different – different type of value. Whereas It is a classification of data which tells the compiler or interpreter how the programmer intends to use the data. In javascript we have…

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