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File permission in linux


If you are working on a multi-user operating system then permitting a file (file permission) must be necessary. As we know that Linux is a multi-user operating system and many users can access simultaneously. Although a lot of…

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The power of vim or vi editor


If you are a developer this article going to be very useful for you. So basically vim or vi is a very powerful and popular text editor. Vim is a clone of vi editor and written by Bram…

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Basic use of pipe and grep command

pipe and grep

Fig.1 – Grep command on terminal. Pipe and grep is a very powerful tool of the Linux command line. So before we start Basic use of pipe and grep command we need to understand what is pipe and…

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Install and remove linux packages


To install and remove packages or software is the first step of any operating systems. Linux is a very powerful operating system but the main problem with Linux is that the installation of software not so easy like…

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8 Basic use of ls or list command

List or ls command is one of the most frequently used command in Linux. In this article, we’ll be discussing a basic list or ls command. 1. List files using ls with no option Without an option, we…

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