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As we know we store application data inside cookies, witch include lot of server request. But after web storage we have more secure and elegant way to store data witch provide large amount of space to store data with awesome performance. Here we have at least 5MB limit to store data locally.

Web storage is a way by witch any application can store data locally inside web browser. It’s use for per origin. All pages can store same amount of data.

In this api we have two main object –

  • window.sessionStorage ( data store for one session means when we close tab data will lost)
  • window.localStorage ( data store without expiration date )

// Check brwoser support

if ( typeof(Storage) != "undefined" ) {
	// works
} else {
	// Not supported by browser

Both Object have same method like –

setItem(key, value); //set stroage
getItem(key); // get stroage
removeItem(key); // remove key from stroage
clear(); // clear all stroage
key(index); // get stroage according to index

All values stroe inside Storage as a string so be careful when you are using Storage api.
how to use Storage –

localStorage.setItem("no", 1);
console.info(typeof localStorage.getItem("no")); // string

So if you want to covert this string value into no you need to use parseInt method.

localStorage.setItem("no", 1);
console.info(typeof parseInt(localStorage.getItem("no"))); // number

To more details and useful example you can read this article – Local storage techniques

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