Install and remove linux packages

Installing and removing packages of software is the first step of any operating system. Linux is a very powerful operating system but the main problem with Linux is that the installation of software is not as easy as the Windows operating system and if we are working with the command line it seems very difficult. So in the topic, we will cover the basic installation command in Linux operating system with a command line.


sudo apt-get install package_name # Install a package


sudo apt-get remove package_name # Uninstall package
sudo apt-get purge package_name # Remove a package and its config files.


apt-cache search package_name # Search for a package.


apt-cache show package_name # Describe package.
apt-get showpkg package_name # Show a package's dependencies.

List Installed

dpkg -l # List all installed packages

Update All Installed Software

sudo apt-get update # Update all software (It'll ask to confirm)
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get distupgrade

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About the Author: Pankaj Bisht