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JavaScript Function Overloading


Before understanding JavaScript function overloading we need to understand function overloading. Function overloading is an elegant concept of object-oriented programming language. According to this concept, we can create the same name function with different arguments. Let’s take an…

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Memoization in JavaScript


Memoization is the advanced concept of JavaScript language. To understand this concept we need to understand function and method very well. Functions and methods are the backbones of any programming language but in JavaScript, those play a very…

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JavaScript Callback Function


Callback is a executable code that is passed as an argument to another function or code and execute after some time or certain condition. So thats why we can also say call after function to callback function. Execution…

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Power of javascript closure


It is a advance concept of javascript. This is really interesting concept in javascript. So basically it is a function inside function which can access outer function properties. According to MDN “A closure is the combination of a…

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ES6 arrow functions

es6 arrow function

Arrow function taken from CoffeeScript (a transcompiled language). Arrow function, also called “fat arrow” functions. This is represented by => (Flat Arrow). It is anonymous and can change the way this bind into function. When we are using…

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Javascript function arguments handling


In JavaScript we don’t have any method to check our parameters and arguments. Earlier tutorial, We have learned that functions can have parameters; like – functionName(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3) { code to be executed } but suppose that we…

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Basics of JavaScript Function


The JavaScript function is a block of code, which is used to perform a specific task and to create reusable code. These are defined once and maybe executed numerous times. In JavaScript, functions are defined with the function keyword. There are 3…

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