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File Permission in linux


As we know that Linux is a multi-user operating system and many users can access simultaneously. Although a lot of security feature available in Linux. But file permission gives tremendous power to a linux based system. So basically…

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The Power of vim or vi editor


If you are a developer this article going to be very useful for you. So basically vim is a very powerful and popular text editor. It is a clone of vi editor and written by Bram Moolenaar. It…

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Basic use of pipe and grep command

pipe and grep

Pipe and grep is a very powerful tool of the Linux command line. So before we start Basic use of pipe and grep command we need to understand what is pipe and grep and how to use both…

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Install and remove linux packages


Linux is very powerful operating system but the main problem with linux is that the installation of software not so easy like windows operating system and if we are working with command line the it’s seems very difficult….

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8 Basic use of ls or list command

ls command is one of the most frequently used command in Linux. In this article, we’ll be discussing basic ls command. 1. List Files using ls with no option without option we won’t be able to view details…

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