Author: Pankaj Bisht

Javascript function arguments handling


In javascript we don’t have any method to check our parameters and arguments. Earlier tutorial, We have learned that functions can have parameters; like – functionName(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3) { code to be executed } but suppose that we…

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HTML – Web storage


Web storage is the feature that introduces with html5 and As we know we store application data inside cookies, which include a lot of server request. But after web storage, we have a more secure and elegant way…

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Javascript function


A function is a block of statements, which is used to perform a specific task.In javascript functions are defined with the function keyword. There are 3 ways to create a function. 1. by declaration. 2. by function expression. 3. by constructor. (good for…

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Javascript loops


Loops are main component in every programming language. Iteration or loop is a structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning. But in programming it allow to repeat block code, until the given…

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Javascript type casting


In javascript we can convert one type to another type (typecasting). As we know true and false are related to boolean data type. Zero, empty string, undefined, null, NaN are falsy values. All non-empty things and true are Truthy…

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Javascript conditional operator


If, else and switch are conditional statement or operators in javascript. Conditional statement changes the flow of the program according to test cases. So if the block contains test expression inside the parenthesis. if the test expression is…

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Type detection


Type detection It is a way by which we can identify the type of data. We know that data type can be three type. So if we are working on data sometime we need to identify datatype of…

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CSS – Position


To understand CSS position we need to understand all HTML element bind with a force due to this reason they follow a pattern. But using CSS we can change that pattern. Elements have a position value of static…

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Javascript Operators


Operators An Operator is a symbol used for a specific task. That task may be related to math or logical operation. Operators work on operands. var sum = 2 + 3; Here 2, 3 are operands and +…

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Variables and data types in javascript


Variables are named memory location that can hold a different type of values. Whereas It is a classification of data which tells the compiler or interpreter how the programmer intends to use the data. In javascript, we have…

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